Christopher Bee
born Great Britain 1953

Spiritual Ecologist
Dip. Psychologist Deg. BA Soc. Psy. Sussex
Dip. Artistic & Creative Form Therapist EB.SKMGT Zürich

Consultant for spiritual psychotherapy,
biographical healing and destiny evolution,
spirit-soul development and consciousness schooling.

Facilitator : social artistic creative form instruments, Imaginal Transformation ©, mythographic intervention and sacral metamorphosis.

Director for Adult schooling and further training, intervision, supervision, coaching, mediation, project development and community building.

Ongoing research and schooling in spiritual psychology, sacral metamorphosis and community building.

A particular concern is the application and mediation, both inwardly and outwardly, of social artsitic formation instruments which serve biographical development.

Since 1991 accompanying indiviuals, partners, families, groups, projects, organisations, as well as seminars, further trainings and professional support through mediation and supervision, in the German and English language.

Since 2003 direction of intensive Professional Foundation and Further Trainings in Applied Biographical Development based on Spiritual Science for professionals internationally, particularly in Europe.

Founding Member 2003 of International Trainers Forum for Biography Work, General Anthroposophical Section, School of Spiritual Science, Goetheanum, Switzerland.

Since 2008 cooperation in sustaining organisational continuity of the biennial Worldwide Biography Conference inaugurated in 2001.

A Brief History of the Worldwide Biography Conference 102